The Competitive World of Custom Exhibition Stands

In the world we live in it can sometimes feel difficult to set your company apart from the rest of the field. Within many larger companies you will find a custom made marketing department, their role it is to promote the company brand through various means.

The dedicated team will use their creative experience and knowledge to promote the company using various marketing outlets.

The most common form of marketing for many companies is the advertisement of products or services within sector specific magazines and brochures. This can be a relatively low cost option which can seen by tens of thousands of potential customers.

Vehicle branding is another common option for many companies, large or small. Company logos, contact information and a snapshot of the service or product you offer printed on the side of a lorry or van can be seen by thousands of potential customers on a daily basis. As the vehicles travels around the UK road network, the company’s brand travels with them.

In the current digital world we live in there are a whole host of online platforms that you can use to engage with clients and potential customers. Companies are now making this sector of marketing a crucial part of their everyday marketing strategy.

Dedicated teams of tweeters and online bloggers are employed to ensure they are on line promoting businesses twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. The digital world never sleeps.

Trade events are common marketing tool for many companies, and are organised in many cities all across the world. What better way to promote your business than through attending one of these events. Hundreds of companies usually attend and thousands of people will walk the event.

An event specialising in your market sector should be a must for any company wishing to grow its current client base. You will have access to hundreds of potential customers all under one place.

For a company to display its products and services in a way which will put it above its competitors at the next trade event, they will need a custom exhibition stand designed and built for them. For this they will need the services of a dedicated team of professionals in the form of an exhibition stand design and install team.

A company’s idea for its custom stand will initially be handled by an experienced designer, they will first discuss the requirements before producing some initial ideas. The ideas will be implemented into the design and finalised before a final draft design is completed. The next stage will involve incorporating the finished design into a 3D computer model using specialist software.

The design will then be passed onto the fabrication and build team. A team of talented crafts people will turn the design from paper into the exhibition stand requested. Qualified carpenters, organized project managers and engineers will work tirelessly to ensure they complete within the expected time frame and to meet the customers deadline.

Some companies will even offer a complete ‘turn-key’ service from start to finish. They will not only design and build the custom stand, they will also offer a service where they can also deliver it to any location required. The company will also take it down at the end of the event, package it safely and then place it in safe storage for the next exhibition event to be attended.

Design companies can easily be found online. It is good practice to make sure they have a good history in the products they produce. A requirement is a team that can take your design from a sketchy initial idea that is tucked deep inside, to the completed article that any company is proud to display. A company’s portfolio can offer an insight in to their previous projects.

For your next marketing move attend an exhibition with a newly built exhibition stand and be the envy of all your competitors.