Stand Out From the Crowd With Your Exhibition Stand Design

If you have been operating as a company for several years the chances are you may have been involved with a trade exhibition event. The events can be for any industry, there are events for specialty food, energy renewables, computer gaming, and everything in between. Usually these events are held in a large arena and are attended by thousands of people every day. There are often hundreds of companies exhibiting under the same roof.

The idea of a trade exhibition event is to showcase your company and your products and are attended by people within the industry to catch up with their customers or suppliers and have meetings.

After the initial trade opening day the doors will be opened to the public to walk around and gather information from the companies they maybe interested in using or purchasing from.

As a company one of the main functions of attending a trade event is to increase awareness of your company and its products and services. Due to the importance of the event there is a huge requirement to get the look of your exhibition stand design perfect.

Your customers will be walking around looking at lots of other competitor new products and services, so ensuring a you look different and professional is key in catching the attention of new customers.

The best way a company can make sure they have a good foot fall of people visiting their stand and to come away knowing they have displayed their product and services to its full potential is to get their display correct. A design which can catch their customers’ attention and to make them want to walk over and see for themselves what is being offered.

The best place to start is look work with a company who are specialist in this type of work. Many companies will have a dedicated team of people which can take the idea from your head and turn it into an exhibition stand you can be proud of at the next event.

The designers will work along side their client. Initially a meeting will be held to discuss all aspects of the exhibition stand. The size, the requirements and budget will all have an influence on the final product. This will all be discussed at this stage.

They will then work on basic ideas, sketching various options which would have been previously discussed with the client. There will be several options for the client to look at, and various options from each will then be chosen for the finished article.

The final step of the process, before it goes to the build and fabrication stage is to create a model using 3D software. For this the designer will use their skills to input the drawings into a computer aided software programme.

This programme will replicate the drawings in a digital model form, taking it from a two dimensional drawing into a full 3D model on the screen. The model can be rotated and viewed at various angles and can be used to see the final constructed idea. If at this point any adjustments need to made it will be far less time consuming and less costly to alter.

The most reliable companies will make the whole process from start to finish as hassle free and seamless as possible, choosing a company with several years experience in the exhibition stand design market is critical for you to achieve the final look and design you require for your company.