Launch Into Business the Right Way

Starting a company is never an easy thing to do, you have to have the idea, take your idea into the market and then hope that the market requires what you have to offer. There are many ways in which to get your product, company or service noticed in the market, as without the correct tools it is the scenario of having a poster pinned to a tree in a forest, but you need to direct people to the tree so that people can read what is on it.

What are the best forms of advertising your new or even established company? Consider social media in the form of Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Facebook was launched in the first quarter of 2004 and since its launch has gained gained in excess of 1 billion users, that’s 1 in 7 people in the whole world, now that is some advertising platform.

A Website is a great tool of focus so that people and companies can see what you actual offer. You can design and launch one yourself or pay someone to design and maintain one on your behalf. 90% of people in the UK have access to the internet, now that is a big market! If you want to keep it more local and specific to your area adverts in a local magazine are a good idea.

An exhibition is a brilliant way to advertise as most are specific to a sector; from plumbing, food or even technology. Whatever you are offering there will be a place in an exhibition to suit you and your company or brand.

There are a lot of products that you can use to advertise your company at exhibitions ranging from the usual pens and note paper, scale rulers, product samples, all the way through to the embossed jackets and coats with company logos on.

However one of the best ideas is a promotional USB sticks are a fantastic way to raise brand or company awareness. Most people have computers in the home or office that require data to be transferred to and from, a USB stick with your company details on in the form of logo and contact details are a great way to make sure that you are always in the thoughts of the customer.

You can even use it to upload your latest brochure and advertising campaign before handing them out. There is nothing worse than going to an exhibition and being loaded up with hard copies of product brochures and manuals, before you know it you are struggling to walk around as the bag you are carrying is so heavy, a usb stick can be popped in a pocket.

Promotional memory sticks can come in all sorts of designs, from retractable-where the user can extend the length of chain, which can be put on a set of keys or even USB sticks bundled with a pen, that way you get double company exposure to your customer.

How can you make sure that the promotional company that you are getting your promotional merchandise is from a credited company? The BPMA which is ‘The British Promotional Merchandise Association’ assure that their members offer a quality product, have the relevant knowledge to offer you the correct product, and the expertise and integrity to offer you a professional product from a professional trust worthy source.

How do you find a credited company? The BPMA have a distribution list of 100’s of members all over the UK, so you can easily find a member within your local area that you can call or email for further advice. And those companies that are a member will also have the BPMA logo on their website.