Three Must Haves in Your Next Meeting Space

Planning a large event can be overwhelming for a few reasons. There are many things to prepare, including the agenda, the guest list, and perhaps most importantly, finding the right meeting space! The venue itself often can present a few challenges when considering a location. After all, the types of rooms available, the technology needed, and the cost of the venue are just a few of the questions you’ll need to answer. Here are some often overlooked elements for you to consider as you get ready to select your next meeting space.

The Facility

The quality of the facility will be directly tied to the success of your meeting. What type of event are you hosting, and what kinds of resources are needed? Do you require large rooms for keynote addresses or collapsible walls for creating smaller spaces for breakout sessions? What about monitors, projectors, and microphones? Even just having the right technology available to use can go a long way towards ensuring a smooth experience for you and your guests.

As you will quickly find, there might only be a small amount of available local venues that meet your criteria. As you get started with the event planning, be sure to consider the type of facility needed before beginning your search.

The Staff

Just as important as the physical facility is the support staff. No matter how well you plan and prepare, there are bound to be things that arise over the course of the event. In those moments, it is imperative that the facility staff is friendly, supportive, and ready to meet your needs in a timely manner.

An excellent way to ensure a positive relationship is to spend time visiting the site and getting introduced to the facility’s staff. Most times, a facilities coordinator will be assigned to your group. During your site visit, try to get a sense of what experience they have and how well they address common issues. By establishing a positive rapport during the first interaction, you should be able to get a sense of if the staff will be right for you and your event.

The Transit

Often, great real estate will trump almost any other decision. If a meeting space is located centrally, many planners will seek it out. But remember, this event is for your guests, so you’ll need to consider their perspective. Will they be driving? If so, is there ample parking? If not, is public transit available?